Company Overview

Corporate Philosophy ~challenge~

Ito-Nobu strives to achieve for happiness for employees, improves its own value to the community and contributes to society by providing high-quality services to our clients, who are chiefly based in Japan and the ASEAN countries. The company pursues its business activities boldly, proactively and with a high sense of purpose, and strives to evolve with the changing times.

Management philosophy

Balance We strive for balance and harmony by maintaining an approach based on mutual respect and concession so that we may remain a bright and vibrant company focused tightly on pursuing our business objective.
Effort In an age when the world is making rapid progress day by and even a momentary lapse of attention can be costly, we seek to achieve commercial growth with unshakeable faith and will.
Decisiveness Our wealth of experience serves as a steadfast foundation for decision making, enabling us to make bold, forward-thinking decisions for the development of the company.
Responsibility We take responsibility for overcoming challenges and completing our mission, and never pass the buck to others.
Action We act boldly and deliberately based on considered plans so as to ensure a brighter, more prosperous future for the company.

Environmental Policy

Ito-Nobu Industrial Co. Ltd. Recognizes that environmental conservation is a vital part of business administration. Based on our principles of seeking out challenges and pioneering spirit, we consider carefully how we, as a specialist in tools and machinery, can contribute to the maintenance and improvement of the natural environment.
Moreover, we comply with all environment-related laws and other social requirements we are bound by in pursuing our business.
Each and every one of our employees should voluntarily take part in environmental conservation. With the cooperation and collective wisdom of the whole company, we strive to prevent environmental pollution and reduce our environmental impact through in-house improvements and by cooperating with our suppliers and clients.

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